Welcome to ViXiV!

Welcome to ViXiV Technologies!

We are becoming a Socially Responsible and Community Driven Super Site!

Currently we are working on some interesting and powerful software which allows for an exciting range of opportunities and solutions.

ViXiV Technologies, we believe that AI, Automation, Networking and Security are the Future!

One of our Visions is to create a Social Media Platform incorporating a Socially Responsible Payback System!

So… You may be asking, “What does all of this mean?

In short, we are working on a social media site that return to YOU a percentage of the profits that You generate.

We haven’t quite worked out all of the details yet, but as we have stated: This is a Community Effort and as such, Any and All Help is Welcome and Appreciated!

We believe that your Content and Data should Benefit You instead of benefiting companies that could be adopting these noble principles.