EC2 Setup

EC2 Setup



Now, to connect to your server you’ll need to use a ssh client with your key pair.

On Linux and Mac this can easily be accomplished by issuing the ssh command in the same directory as the key pair and using it in the ssh command accordingly.

For Instance, to connect to the newly formed EC2 instance created for this blog:

ssh -i "ViXiV.pem" ubuntu@ec2-**-**-***-**

Issuing this in the same directory as ViXiV.pem (usually Downloads directory) will connect me to our new ViXiV EC2 instance.


The only thing that might stand in your way is the permissions of the key pair. They recommend in the key pair file itself permissions of 644, but that never works.

You need 600 for most default ssh clients to connect.

On Linux: sudo chmod 600 Key-Pair.pem

ssh -i “Key-Pair.pem” ubuntu@ec2-**-**-***-**

You should then see a linux prompt:



On Windows, you can use Putty to connect and Puttygen to convert your PEM over to PPK for use with Putty.


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