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In a single night, I was able to back up all of my LAMBDA API’s and code it for an EC2 Instance.

Since I had EC2, I put everything on there and had everything up and running within an hour. After working with the design and becoming familiar with responsive mobile frameworks like Skeleton and Bootstrap I decided on one. Exploring all types of web frameworks, platforms and emerging technologies I chose the ones for ViXiV.

Restricting the software usage to only free open source technologies, I started exploring. I downloaded a plethora of FOSS packages from GitHub and CC0 Image Content from PeXeLs

I finally came across a nice FOSS Social Media Framework called OxWall, which is this awesome web system that allows you to create and customize entire communities. This was perfect for the idea behind ViXiV, which is becoming a Truly Socially Responsible Social Media Network!

ViXiV Mobile App



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