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First I created the Server, Network, Security Groups, Database and custom daemon configurations for security and performance. (Info on AWS Configuration Coming Soon!)

After Everything was up and running, I turned my sights purely to application code.

I started by experimenting with different frameworks to create a responsive design website. I originally tried utilizing a green infrastructure through AWS Lambda, which allows you to create RESTful API’s. These allow you to just serve a single page on demand to minimize power usage.

This quickly turned out to be unrealistic though with increasing resource usage and timeouts. This experiment in emerging technologies taught me a lot about Node.js. I created various API’s and Pages, which I would come to find out would be very handy soon.

I also created some very interesting API’s and pages, such as Inspire. This was actually the first creation and the start to ViXiV Technologies. It started out as and experiment to see if an inspirational commercial could be made with JS and jQuery: ViXiV Inspire


ViXiV Inspire!


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