Make More Money with Adsense

Make More Money with Adsense

Free Vs Self-Hosted

There are a lot of Free blogging platforms out there like Blogger and BlogSpot.

These allow you to start a blog immediately without any investment. The drawback is that many of them limit you in area’s like custom themes, brand, Ad providers and a lot more. There are also a few platform specific limitations like storage that we don’t really need to get in to currently.

For this blog… We are going to show you how to start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog ALL for under $10.

So, A lot of people hate WordPress and will ask why, but the truth is it’s a great and powerful CMS. WordPress has an excellent update/upgrade system for all their amazing components and plugins. It also has some amazing Features, SEO tools, Plugins and Themes. These all help with the blogging process and get you placed higher up in search engines.

Utilizing Amazon’s cloud technologies, we are going to step you through the process of creating a Linux web-server including a WordPress Blog on your own Domain.

Like usual, we’re getting right to the point.


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