Class Action Lawsuit against Alphabet for Anticompetitive Behavior

Class Action Lawsuit against Alphabet for Anticompetitive Behavior

Class Action Lawsuit against Alphabet for Anticompetitive Behavior


ViXiV Technologies is seeking individuals affected by Google Play Stores innovation stifling policy changes of Wednesday, July 25th 2018.
Policy changes include, but are not limited to, the blocking of ALL Cryptocurrency technologies for mobile devices.


ViXiV Technologies has been working on social media platforms integrated with a new Cryptocurrency. We have created an infrastructure that allows for the creation of an in app / on platform currency accessible to our users.
This internal currency relies on a combination of technologies including pools and miners to restrict mining to mobile devices.
The reason for this is simple: It allows for Cryptocurrency mining to be easily accessible to Everyone!
We limit mining to mobile devices to prevent the Cryptocurrency difficulty from increasing too quickly. This also allows for a much more fair and far reaching currency. Everyone is capable of utilizing this currency through their mobile device while utilizing apps that allow them to spend and trade within it.

Bad Policy


Although there are undoubtedly malicious mining apps in the play store, this doesn’t mean all mining apps should be disallowed. Doing so will only serve to destroy companies, business models and innovative progress.
Google’s policy change today should be considered the definition of Anti-Competitive behavior. The main purpose of banning an innovative technology is to stifle that technology. They even recently expressed regret for not being involved in early enough. Sergey Brian, co-founder of Google, just admitted that Google failed to adopt Cryptocurrency technology: 

Can’t Join Em? Ban Em…

Therefore, obviously the only option for Google is to ban the technology entirely and stifle if not suffocate any further innovation being accomplished.
We condone these decisions by companies like Google and Apple as deplorable, if not outright malicious. We also believe this holds severe consequences for millions of companies and users.

Class Action

In addition to publicly condoning these actions, we are seeking those who have been affected by these unprofessional and malicious business practices. Seeking assistance for a Class Action Lawsuit against Alphabet, we are encouraging everyone to get involved!
Furthermore, we invite any attorneys, business owners and users that would like to be involved, to contact us at: ViXiV Technologies
Thank you for any and all assistance, involvement and support!

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